One of the best things about yoga (if not THE best), is that after each practice, you really do grow and you really do transcend into a higher self. You become enlightened by your own abilities and the miracles of your amazing body. You learn, you discover a lot about yourself, and you gain a great deal of humility. When all of this radiates from ourselves, we put peace into our lives and into the lives of those around us.
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I decided to make a piece today! It was nice to do some hands-on stuff while recovering from surgery. I want to give these away because why not?

These wooden beads and stones are carefully chosen- I pick up the ones I’m drawn to and I immediately research its significance/meaning. You’ll have to pardon me, however, as I have forgotten to document what stones these are. I do know for certain, though, that the guru (big center stone) bead is genuine yellow jade. Nonetheless, these stones radiate much energy and beauty, just like you! :)

To participate, you must:

1) reblog this post only once.

2) reply here or message me your answer to the following question: "How do you radiate YOUR unique energy and beauty to the world?"

3) realize your infiniteness. You are more than you tell yourself.

Absolutely no skipping the third! :)

Although I know ALL answers will be beautiful, I have only one of these to give away for now, but please do participate! This is just an opportunity to turn inward and discover our soul.

The winner will be announced in a post, along with the winner’s answer, if he/she so pleases. Yes, I will ship anywhere! This ends in one week, so you have until July 21st.

Namasteeee…and go!

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To Read is to Fly

1. India

2. Cuba

3. United Arab Emirates

4. Burma

5. Ethiopia

6. Nepal

7. Turkey

8. Italy

9. Thailand

10. Brazil

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Hoorah! Bye, appendix. Fortunately, I was able to put it off this far out- with doctors’ approvals, of course.

I was a weird case. My CT scan showed a mass next to/on top of one of my ovaries. The doctors couldn’t tell if it was a cyst or the same abscess that started collecting fluid again, after the drain was taken out. They went in there, laparoscopically, and found that the CT scan lied and everything looked normal. My lady parts were fine and there was no mass. That is what the doctors told my mother, anyway. I will have to clarify tomorrow because English is my mother’s second language and I’m not too sure she understood everything, let alone, medical gobbledygook.

Post-operation sucked. I had the biggest headache, worst nausea, and abdominal pain. I didn’t have any of that the first time, when I was septic. My nurse attempted to have me walk to the bathroom and yeah, no…that didn’t happen. I stood up and stayed there for a few moments, and all of a sudden, I was heaving. My abdominals hurt so bad and nothing was coming out- a few more heaves, and I puked out nothing but doo-doo green, part bile liquid. I’m sure there was some coffee in there, too.

"Are you a coffee drinker?"

I must have been asked that question at least four times.

"Yes," I proudly replied.

"Ahhh…that’s why."

They gave me some coffee to try and help the headache. Angels. After the third attempt to walk to the bathroom without puking, I was able to be discharged. I was told to just skip food for the remainder of the night, just in case it might have angered my stomach. Sorry, fuck that. I took my pain killers, nausea meds, and ate. I couldn’t do it. I was so hungry, guys. I haven’t had the urge to barf yet (I’m writing this at two in the morning), so hopefully, I’m good.

Gahhh…no yoga, running, hiking, weights, nada for me; the slightest of movements hurt my stomach area and it’s a challenge to walk. I’m seriously going to need all the Ahimsa practice I can get.

Open to all your positive vibes and thoughts, and warm wishes, and sincere prayers!

I was tagged by bexmaddy to say 5 facts about me.

1) I am a very spiritual individual.

2) My left foot is smaller than my right. I know this because my shoes are always slightly looser on the left. Am I alone here?

3) I am a Registered Yoga Teacher.

4) I have many dreams- but my top two are to be a Cardiologist and an Astronomer.

5) I don’t know how to swim, lol…

I’m tagging thundrcries, themysticmama, papaseanproductions, angeldrinkstea, and symphonyofthecosmos! If ya want :)

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