One of the best things about yoga (if not THE best), is that after each practice, you really do grow and you really do transcend into a higher self. You become enlightened by your own abilities and the miracles of your amazing body. You learn, you discover a lot about yourself, and you gain a great deal of humility. When all of this radiates from ourselves, we put peace into our lives and into the lives of those around us.
healthytummy said: Hi (: I would like to start doing yoga. Do you know of any videos i can watch in order to do them or a site or something? Thank youu (:

Hi there! I’m sorry it’s taken me a couple days to answer. I’ve spent the entire day yesterday just relaxing and getting some sunshine :) But without further ado…excellent question! Do you have a Wii? Haha, no joke…Wii Fit Yoga is a fun way to introduce yoga to beginners, especially because the “trainer” demonstrates the poses to you. I suggest Wii Fit Yoga because so many people forget that yoga is supposed to be fun and yoga should never be a dreaded work out. You always want your new yogi to have a blast. If you don’t have a Wii, no worries! Plenty of other ways to get your yoga on :D

I always recommend two channels on YouTube: yogajournal and myyogaonline. Both channels have everything for yogis- from beginners to advanced levels, morning yoga sessions, yoga for better sleep, yoga flows, core-strengthening yoga, yoga concentrated on meditation, yoga for PMS (haha), detox yoga, as well as separate videos demonstrating any pose. The list is endless! If you want a specific video to play around with, I recommend this: It’s a great video because it’s not just one person talking and doing the poses simultaneously; so it’s like you have your own yoga ninja guiding you along with a classmate :)

Got some money to spare? Yoga Journal and Yoga International are great magazines! They’re packed with tips, inspirational stories, and demonstrated home-yoga routines. Give it a looksie! The Yoga Journal website has a search index for poses, too. What a great tool!

The problem I hear the most from new yogis, is the ability to practice stillness. Fact is, all yogis new and old, experience it from time to time. Stillness, or rather the calmness in a pose, is always linked to the breath. Once the breath is lost or isn’t regulated, it’s because we’ve become distracted. Stillness, stillness in posture, and stillness after posture, requires presence- the ability to dedicate yourself to the given moment, and the ability to let go.

Start off in a comfortable seated position, Japanese style or criss-cross-apple sauce. Place your hands on your thighs, soften the eyes, and just breathe…deep inhale through the nose, feel the breath travel down the throat; exhale out slowly through the nose. Imagine sitting by a window on a cold day and fogging up the glass with your breath…that is how your exhale should feel like, it’s just coming out through the nose and it should sound like the ocean; ujjayi breath. Sit there and breathe.

Stillness can be easier on some days, but let it be our intention to always find calm in the chaos. Success in a posture comes from presence in every thought, every feeling.

I hope this helps! I swear, my answers are always long :/ Thank you for stopping by! Have fun in your practice :)


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