One of the best things about yoga (if not THE best), is that after each practice, you really do grow and you really do transcend into a higher self. You become enlightened by your own abilities and the miracles of your amazing body. You learn, you discover a lot about yourself, and you gain a great deal of humility. When all of this radiates from ourselves, we put peace into our lives and into the lives of those around us.
xxauxcu said: Do you know of any nice, long, beginner's yoga routine videos for doing at home? Thank you! (:

Hi, hi, hi! :)

Someone else asked me the same question a month ago.


To add to it, Yoga Journal also has videos :)

I am assuming you are asking for free online videos, right? I mean, hey, free yoga…who freaking wouldn’t?! :P Repeat sequences to add length to your practice; it’s also good for muscle memory, which aids so much in a yoga practice.

Have fun in your practice, my dear!


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